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Date from the date of Novation (as indicated in the novation confirmation) between transferor 1, Transferor 2, Transferee 1 and Transferee 2 (as shown in the novation confirmation). Transferor 1 and Transferor 2 have entered into one or more transactions, each supported by confirmation and subject to an old agreement. Transfer takers 1 and gearbox 2 entered into an ISDA management contract as of the date set out in the Novation confirmation (the “New Contract”). This Novation Agreement is subject to the 2004 ISDA novation definitions (the “definitions”) and contains by reference. This novation agreement is part of any confirmation novation. With effect and including the date novation, a) Transferor 1, through innovation, wishes to transfer the transfer to transfer to transfer 1, and the transfer by innovation of, all rights, commitments, obligations and obligations of the ceding 1 in the context and in connection with the Novated Amount of each old transaction and (b) Transferor 2 wants to transfer by innovation to the transferors 2 , and Transfer 2 would like to transfer through innovation accept all rights, liabilities, obligations and commitments of the ceding 2 below and with respect to the Novated Amount of each previous transaction, with the effect that Transfers 1 and Transferee 2 contract a new transaction corresponding to each old transaction. Each purchaser wishes to accept the other purchaser as a single consideration for any new transaction. Transferor 1 and Transferor 2 wish to be released and discharged from their respective obligations and with respect to the nominal amount of each former transaction because of the size and extent of the transfer described above, unless this is changed to Section 2. Accordingly, the parties agree on the following definitions: 1. Any capitalized term that is not defined differently has the meaning assigned to it in the definitions. 2. Transfer, release, discharge and commitments.

With effect, including the date of novation and given the representations, reciprocal guarantees and pacts contained in this Novation Agreement, as well as other good and valuable counterparties (whose receipt and availability are recognized by each of the parties) and subject to Section 1.20 of the definitions: a) Transferor 1 and Transferor 2 are released and other commitments are cancelled to each other with respect to the amount of each former activity and their respective rights. if this release and discharge does not affect any rights, liabilities or commitments of Transferor 1 or Transferor 2 with respect to payments or other liabilities due and due before the date of Novation, and all of these payments and commitments are paid or honoured by Transferor 1 or Transferor 2. , depending on the terms of each old transaction; b) Purchaser 1, which occupies the position of the assignor 1 in each former corresponding transaction, and transfer 2, which is taken by Transferor 2 in each previous corresponding transaction, assume each of the debts and commitments to each other and acquire rights against each other in connection with any new transaction concerning the Novated Amount and with conditions identical to these (excluding credit support agreements and other credit support agreements and subject to Section 2, point (c) , including, in the case of a derivative transaction of the credit company, all rights or commitments or commitments relating to a credit event that occurs on the date of novation or before the date of novation, unless otherwise stated and changed in the confirmation novation; (c) any new transaction is governed by the new agreement and is part of the new agreement and is proven (i) by the old confirmation (considered compatible with this novation agreement); (ii) by concluding a confirmation confirming the terms of any new transaction (provided, however, that a transfer 1 or transfer 2 failure to obtain such confirmation does not affect the rights and obligations of Transferor 1 or Transferor 2 under this innovation agreement); or (iii) in another way determined by transfers 1 and 2; and (d) all royalties due by the ceding 1 or transferor 2 as part of the transfer by Innovation under this agreement are subject to a separate agreement.