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This is a problem for traders and traders, where their profit margin depends heavily on discounts. If the profit and loss accounts are based only on cash in the bank, until the final payment of the discount is received, the winnings appear to be much lower than the reality. The same applies to suppliers whose profits would appear much higher until previously unaccounted for rebates are made at the end of the trading period. One thing a discount management system should never try is a financial system or an ERP, but it is undeniable that the rebate is very involved in the financial world. When choosing a discount management system, you`re not looking for a system to overdo it or to tax your established essential ERP and financial systems, try to find one that can complement them and work in harmony. Hello everyone, I work with discount agreements (4.6C). And I have the following problem: for some agreements, I have to reserve manual limits to increase the amount. Z.B. the limits reserved in several invoices are 100, and I write a manual demarcation of 20. When the final compensation is made, I would like to pay 120, which is the amount within the limits. But the system only pays 100, and I have to change it to 120. If there is a lane – set 120 automatically (instead of 100). Thanks in advance, with a special end-to-end reduction management system, you have all the data you need to manage your discount bill accurately, no matter how your business decides is the best.

The document is calculated on the basis of the UK price from the supporting document and has delimitation data whose accounting status is defined as supporting. To do this, your discount contract must allow it. Go to the VB transaction (2 and under the title “manual payment” define the payment procedure – C Have you activated the new discount procedure? Structure S136 in omo1? The “delimitation” process converts the amounts of the various bookings it processes into credit surrender currency. The discount criteria (customer, customer and equipment, etc.) You can earn z.B a quarterly discount based on the total expenses of a particular supplier, but that provider can only pay that discount at the end of the year.