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This service is currently centrally funded by the university, so that currently no cost is levied for teachers and staff to use the adobe software that is authorized under this agreement. This allows a computer to use the necessary Adobe software tools and ensure that the computer can stay up to date for the duration of its use. There are a limited number of total licenses. The current Adobe agreement does not provide coverage for 100% of UVic devices. To ensure that licenses are available to those who need them for their UVic-related activities, please notify the Help Desk if you no longer need your license. 16.5.4 Third-party beneficiaries. The client accepts that any certification body that the customer relies on is a third party beneficiary of the agreement and that he has the right to apply that agreement on his own behalf, as if it were Adobe. 16.3 Educational software product. If it is educational software (software manufactured and distributed only by educational end-users), the client is not allowed to use the software unless the client qualifies in his jurisdiction as a final educational user. Please visit to learn more about the authorization. Please visit and search the Adobe product purchase link worldwide to find an authorized Adobe Academic reseller. Subscription Edition. For subscription-based software (“Subscription Edition”), the customer can only install and use the subscription edition on the authorized number of compatible computers for the duration of the license. Subject to the authorized number of computers for subscription editing, Adobe may allow the customer to install and use the latest previous version of Subscription Edition and the latest version of the subscription edition on the same computer for the duration of the license. The customer agrees that Adobe can change the type of software at any time (for example. B some components, versions, platforms, languages, etc.) subscription edition and is not held responsible for these changes. Current access to a subscription edition requires: (a) a recurring Internet connection to activate, renew and validate the license; b) receipt of recurring subscriptions by Adobe or its authorized reseller, and (c) customer consent to the subscription terms and other additional terms and conditions available at or at the time of purchase. If Adobe does not receive the recurring subscription payment or cannot regularly validate the license, the software may become inactive without additional notice until Adobe receives payment or validates the license. 16.6.4 Customers may incorporate copies of the font software into their electronic documents for printing, displaying and editing the document. Other incorporation rights are neither implied nor permitted under this licence. 16.1.3 Nothing included in this Agreement (including Section 4.4) limits any non-revocable right to decompile the Software that may be acquired from the Customer under applicable legislation.