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When a property is put up for sale, the broker must receive all the information from the seller, and if the property is in two or more names, all owners must sign the listing contract. The sale agreement describes the property, the price, the terms and conditions of the property intended for purchase. This is called form F. If you work with a real estate agent, it is best to work with a qualified agent. A qualified agent will be able to find you the right property based on your needs. This agent only works for the buyer. In this scenario, a buyer`s representative enters into FORM B and the buyer or buyers sign the contract. The seller may terminate the listing contract with the agent for any reason before a written offer is made to the seller by the stockbroker. The seller must inform the agent in writing for seven (7) days with the reason for termination. In addition, Form U must be executed for a correct termination. Ali Abdullah Al Ali, director of the real estate licensing department in the Dubai country department, commented this way: “Dubai`s Campaign Department is trying to create safe and attractive real estate investments. Our goal is to stimulate the growth of our real estate sector in order to develop the local economy. To support these objectives, DLD is working on strong and effective regulation of the real estate sector in Dubai.

We regulate the advertising process in a specific agreement that accurately defines the role of each party involved in real estate sales or rentals, which guarantees the rights of all parties, including owners, investors and brokers. This is one of the RERA forms that must be signed when the buyer appoints an agent to find a property. It is highly recommended to work with a QUALIFIed REAL estate agent certified by RERA, who can show you real estate that meets your needs and budget. A list of professional real estate agents in Dubai can be find on the Bayut real estate website. The right option to terminate a contract (form A/Form B) with a real estate agent is the use of Form U. If two agents work together, Form I must be completed by both RERA certified agents. The purpose of this form is to protect listings of agents, brokerage clients and ensure a professional relationship between two qualified RERA real estate agents. The Dubai Country Department`s Form F outlines everything from real estate and financial details to commission to sellers and buyers` agents.