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Please, hon. Ladies and gentlemen, to the extent that they feel that there is a sense to the argument they are making, to remember that this is one of at least three provisions introduced by the government as part of its credit-limitation policy. I think we all agree that some kind of credit restriction should be imposed. We all know that too much money is chasing too few goods. [HON. MEMBERS: “Nonsense.”] I`m glad to hear, hon. Gentlemen leave their right hon. Member friend for Bishop Auckland (Mr Dalton) – whom I quoted when I quoted this sentence. [HON. Members: “When did he say it?”] I think he said that a few years ago, and he is now.

(VI) indicate the time frame for the payment of the rental price under the agreement or , (c) in the event that the goods are offered as part of a credit offer; (b) whose person from whom the goods are leased or purchased is a person who is active in the trade or commercial activity of the sale of goods of the same type or name as the goods contained in the agreement. (d) payment of the loan includes a staggered payment; (a) credit facilities are made available to the buyer by the seller or provider of credit facilities in the sale of these products; (III) if all or part of the rental purchase price of the goods were to be paid in increments as part of the agreement, an indication in some way of the amount of one or more tranches, today people want to live a comfortable life with all institutions, but at the same time they do not have that purchasing power, with which they can afford everything they need for an elaborate lifestyle. Buying rental is one of the coolest options that are available to people only for the actual sale through full payment. Let`s take a look at their differences. (a) a declaration of the price at which the goods subject to the information may be purchased against cash, the above information is also part of the credit purchase agreement between the seller or provider of credit facilities and the purchaser. Instalment sales also allow for a deferred payment, but there are no discounts for prepayment. Futures sales cover much longer periods than credit sales. In addition, the seller holds a stake in the ownership of the goods sold until the balance owed is fully received.