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PSAC is pleased to have negotiated a new Phoenix compensation contract, which replaces five days off with a lump sum payment of $2,500. PSAC has reached an interim agreement that provides for fair wages, no concessions and improved working conditions for the 70,000 members of the PA group. The current 15 components of the PSAC, complaints and complaints involving their members within the separate division/agency/employer, including complaints against a collective agreement at the adjudication level. Component functions can be delegated from time to time to the PSAC center by any component that requests support or service. A component also represents its members on issues such as classification issues and working conditions that are not already covered by collective agreements, as well as on all other issues that concern them exclusively within the separate division/agency/employer. UVA staff members are covered by the collective agreement of the Dutch universities (CAO NU). The collective agreement of the Dutch universities (CAO NU) applies to all direct workers of the University of Amsterdam. UVA has also introduced a number of additional regulations and regulations on topics such as educational institutions and additional holiday options. The 2017-2019 version of CLA is available via this link: If union leave is converted without pay into a system in which the Agency puts the member on work leave with wages and bills, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), the Union of National Workers (UN) or the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees (UCTE) will ensure that members do not suffer from cash problems by participating in their Union. This problem has been compounded by the current wage settlement system. Therefore, the most recent agreement contains a language that changes the process into a billing system.

This process will take effect on August 1, 2018. All staff requests for this change in membership fees are directed to their respective components, namely the Union of Veterans` Affairs Employees, at (613) 560-5460 or