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What was agreed? A number of agreements have been reached in all policy areas on issues such as utilities, manufacturing and pensions. Follow Twitter`s Damian Griffin @DamianGriffin #warwickagreement The document is named after the University of Warwick, where the agreement was reached. A different approach was taken when discussing the need for research in the future. Hip 2016 delegates, including panel members, were invited to give their views on key research questions that need to be answered to improve the management of fai syndrome. Responses from the EJD and the KB were collected. We used a web priority program ( to organize these research questions. This software presented panel members with pairs of research questions and asked them to choose the larger of the two. Repeated pair comparisons between all panel members resulted in an orderly list of search questions. During the meeting of the agreement, the group used this orderly list of research questions as the basis for open debate and the development of research topics. For each topic, the Chair allowed for a structured discussion that resulted in a proposed text. Panel members then voted on each proposal on a Likert scale of 0 to 10, 0 reflecting total differences, 5 no agreements, no disagreements, and 10 total convergences.

Compliance levels were grouped with averages and 95% LA. Discussions continued until an average of >7.5 was reached or until the President felt that no other compromise could be reached. We developed a list of topics and questions that we hoped to answer, and we distributed ideas around the panel until there was agreement. We searched the relevant databases (PubMed and Cochrane Library) using evaluation filters (PubMed), the search term “femoroacetabular impinging” was used from early to March 18, 2016 for published articles relevant to these topics. A list of articles has been compiled based on recent systematic revisions and groundbreaking research on these issues; Panel members proposed additional articles in which important research had been omitted. The revised selection of publications has been made available to all panel members, as well as the following final questions: We are providing a multidisciplinary international agreement on ISP syndrome. The key messages of this agreement are summarized in a linked infographic84 The term “IAF syndrome” emphasizes that the patients in discussion are symptomatic and suffer from a clinical disorder characterized by a triad of symptoms, clinical symptoms and radiological outcomes. The 2016 Warwick Agreement on Femoroacet Impinging Syndrome (ISP) was convened to create an international, multidisciplinary consensus on the diagnosis and management of patients with ISP syndrome. On June 29, 2016, 22 panel members and 1 patient from 9 countries and 5 different disciplines participated in a one-day consensus meeting. Prior to the meeting, 6 questions were agreed and systematic reviews and pioneering literature were distributed. Panel members made presentations on the themes of the issues agreed upon at Sports Hip 2016, an open meeting held June 27-29 in the United Kingdom. The presentations were the subject of an open discussion.

At the one-day consensus meeting, panel members elaborated explanations on each issue during an open discussion; Members then obtained their agreement with each response on a scale of 0 to 10. Each of the six points of consensus was substantially agreed (domain 9.5-10) and the corresponding terminology was agreed upon. The term “femoroacetabular impingement syndrome” was introduced to reflect the central role of patients` symptoms in the disease.