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For example, the PMWeb Project Management Information System (PMIS) creates the Work Encryption Structure (PSP). It also imports the PSP from MS Excel, Oracle Primavera P6 and MS Project. It is important that there is a PSP for the entire project, which can be used in all project management processes. The deviation reports can be adapted to include only collective operations, the closing percentage and a comparison of the actual progress of the project with the expected progress: has the flexibility and adaptation to produce the appropriate means of delivery for the project, its customers and stakeholders. Our project management software offers this and more, wherever you are in the project lifecycle. Nevertheless, and as has already been said, this article focuses on results that must be formally verified and approved before they can be accepted as complete. It is therefore necessary to register the formal verification and approval process for results that could be subject to several review procedures if the results are not approved at the first submission. In addition, verification and approval of different services may vary depending on the type of delivery item. Many large projects have milestones that are intermediate objectives and goals that must be achieved by defined dates. An important step may relate to a portion of the delivery item due or settle for a detailed progress report describing the current status of a project.

In addition to computer equipment and software, a delivery item can relate to personalized or online training programs, as well as design samples for products under development. In many cases, services are accompanied by user manuals. For project-intensive organizations, the practice of outsourcing part of the scope of the project is a very common practice. They do so to transfer the risks inherent in this area of activity to other organizations with the best know-how, skills and experience in managing these risks. However, in the absence of a formal procedure for managing the results of these contracts, this could lead to new risks for project-intensive organizations, which could exclude the benefits of outsourcing this volume of work. The reference to the project plan is the most common activity during the execution of the project. All project activities are managed on the basis of the project plan. It is easy to produce services to stakeholders with these reports: the final results represent all the work of a project, while the results produced in previous phases of a project are based on short-term snapshots of the project`s activities. When the delivery product is officially sent by the contractor or supplier, the PMWeb workflow module automatically starts the verification and approval process.

The steps of workflow and authorization verification may vary depending on the attributes of the delivery components. In PMWeb, this is achieved by adjusting the branches and workflow conditions to replicate the required verification and approval steps based on the value of deliverable attributes. At the end of each progress period, which is usually at the end of each month, the holder or creditor must provide the progress account of the completed and approved delivery items. For example, with PMWeb, the contract covers details of progress calculations showing the amounts paid up to the last advance account, the payment for that bill and the balance payable.