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NOW ABOUT OUR ADVANTIUM GE OVEN. It`s not just a cheap little microwave. This is a convection oven, microwave, broilers, fast cook, etc. built on the area and offers the light and ventilation fan for the series. We have high-end wood, well maintained for cabinets that are definitely affected by the lack of steam ventilation and we need light to see, cook! I understand that sears/Assail does not want to replace the Advantium, because it is a $1500 replacement by taxes and installation, but we paid our monthly amount for more than 12 years to have this protection, this reflection (we thought). If your device has a warranty or protection contract, call us at 1-800-469-4663. In a similar note, I received calls from the same scammers with two different phone numbers: (602) 338-9471 and (872) 713-9059. They call and leave no message. If you remember, you will receive a recorded message from a woman with a very heavy Asian accent that says, “Thank you for your contact with customer service. Your call is very important to us, please stay the line and a representative will be with you shortly.

Last night I called the first issue and after a living person (another woman with a severe Asian accent) arrived on the phone, she starts talking about a free trial version for a skin care product. I indicated that I was not interested in their “product” and immediately requested that my phone number be removed from their database. About an hour ago, I received another call from the second issue; The minute I said they had called from a phone number in Arizona and my contact information had been deleted, the call was turned off. This scam is also similar to calls that claim that the interest rate can be reduced on your credit card – and nine times out of ten, you don`t even have an account. You can contact your credit card company to dispute the charges. Some people have found company contact information on their credit card bill or on the product bottle or packaging. We have had our protection plan with Sears for years. We pay X amount per month for the contract to repair or replace devices that are covered if they cannot repair them.