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(xii) If a person enters his signature into a document, but states that he signed the document when it was empty and no document was written there. 10. instructions or guidance on legal or procedural issues; Stamp duty or registration fees. […] Here`s the detailed procedure on how to create a lease in Bihar and what are the most important things that need to be included in the agreement plus. […] Since the circulation of E-Stamps has increased in different parts of India, the trend towards online leases has only increased. It has seen a huge amount of development, so far a state doesn`t necessarily need to produce e-stamp to create you the online design of your leases. It is now a simple, stress-free procedure that allows you to adapt a valid lease at home. Read the following simple steps to prepare a rental agreement. Challan No. and Stamp Duty Filing Date and Registration Fee Instead, you design your lease sitting at home and make the necessary adjustments. So don`t wait any longer and start your lease NOW! B. I find that the equalization tax mentioned in paragraph 5 is not appropriate. Please refer the matter to Collector u/s 47-A.

1. The amount of stamp duty deposited Rs……………. (in rupee words………………… 14. All petitions and documents, including those relating to procedures not mentioned in Acts A and C. (xiii) “scanner”, an electronic device used in conjunction with a computer and appropriate software to convert paper documents into electronic digital images that must be stored on electronic media and accessed if necessary, and the words “scan” and “scanned” must be interpreted accordingly; In addition to defining the details of the parties to the agreement, it also includes the general clauses that are common to all leases. With our finished models, you can create rentals in Patna, Gaya, Aurangabad or anywhere in Bihar and throughout India.