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“Getting to Yes meets `Round Midnight` in this highly readable exploration of the twists and turns of real negotiations. In his new book”The Art of Negotiation “, Michael Wheeler gives excellent practical advice on how to deal with unpredictable predictable methods, as negotiations do not stick to the script.” “Professor Wheeler creatively draws from very different professions, such as NASCAR drivers, jazz musicians and improv players, broadens our negotiating skills and equips us with practical and innovative tools to deal with complex negotiations.” “This brilliant and readable book is filled with powerful advice on how to handle the complexity and uncertainty of real negotiations with mastery of improvisation.” “Michael Wheeler has written a new business classic. It presents effective trading strategies and techniques for managers in each sector. A member of the world-renowned trading program at Harvard Law School presents the powerful next-generation negotiating approach. A world-renowned negotiating program member at Harvard Law School presents the powerful next-generation negotiating approach. For many years, two avenues of negotiation have prevailed: the “win-win” method, illustrated in Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton; and the hard style of Herb Cohens You Can Negotiate Anything. Now, Harvard-award winning business school professor Michael Wheeler offers a dynamic alternative to unity strategies that don`t fit real realities. The art of negotiation shows how negotiators thrive in the face of chaos and uncertainty. They don`t get caught with rigid planes.

Instead, they see negotiation as an exploration process that requires continuous learning, adaptation and influence. Their agility allows them to reach an agreement if others are blocked. Michael Wheeler highlights the improvised nature of the negotiation by attacking his own research and work with colleagues at Program on Negotiation. He explains how best practices from diplomats like George J. Mitchell, dealmaker Bruce Wasserstein and Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub are on daily transactions like selling a home, buying a car or landing a new contract application. Wheeler also uses lessons from fields such as jazz, sports, theatre and even military science. “The book is a good basic guide to getting the most out of a negotiation.” “The secret to successful negotiations is not only preparation and a good plan, but inspired improvisation. So far, there has never been a book on this important and neglected aspect of negotiation, but now, thanks to Mike Wheeler, we have a beautifully written, informative and practical guide to the “jazz” of negotiation. The art of negotiation is a real gem and an essential contribution to literature! “A clear and creative approach to negotiation, on an equal footing with the canonical texts Getting to Yes and You Can Negotiate Anything… Wheeler`s clear and captivating voice is a great advantage, and sample scripts help bring his points home. “Whether it`s building partnerships or overcoming differences, the art of negotiation is essential for today`s non-profit organizations.