Billionaire Boys Club


Directed by

James Cox


Biography, Drama, Thriller

Runtime & Age Rating

1h 48m | Rated R

Produced by

Cassian Elwes, Christopher Lemole, Holly Wiersma and Tim Zajaros


Written by

James Cox & Captain Mauzner

A group of wealthy boys in Los Angeles during the early 1980s establish a ‘get-rich-quick’ scam that turns deadly.




Joe Hunt
Ansel Elgort
Ron Levin
Kevin Spacey
Dean Karny
Taron Egerton
Sydney Evans
Emma Roberts
Scott Biltmore
Ryan Rottman
Kyle Biltmore
Jeremy Irvine
Charlie Bottoms
Thomas Cocquerel
Tim Pitt
Bokeem Woodbine
Izzy Samedi
Barney Harris
The Persian / Izzy’s Dad
Waleed Zuaiter
Quintana ‘Q’ Bisset
Suki Waterhouse
Rosanna Ricci
Billie Lourd
Ryan (Joe Hunt’s Dad)
Judd Nelson